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Counselor-In-Training Course


Senior or Ambassador Girl Scouts, are you ready to learn the skills that can help you become a camp counselor and/or earn your Counselor-In-Training (CIT) I Award? 

This course is required for Senior or Ambassador Girl Scouts (entering 9th -12th grade) who wish to mentor younger girls in a camp setting at any Virginia Skyline camp and/or earn their CIT I Award. Additional camp-specific training is required before working with younger girls in a camp setting. 


Girls can pursue their CIT I award and volunteer as a GSVSC youth camp counselor if:


They're in high school (ninth through twelfth grade, or equivalent) 



They're registered as a Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout


They take this Counselor-in-Training leadership course designed by council

arrow1-right_purple_32 They work with younger girls over the course of a camp session

arrow1-right_purple_32 They take the camp-specific training required before working with younger girls in a camp setting

During the course, girls will learn a variety of outdoor related skills, risk management skills, teaching techniques and leadership skills that will help them thrive as a youth camp counselor. 


At the end of this course, girls should be able to:

  • Describe themselves as leaders in their lives and in the world. Specifically, Counselors-in-Training will compare their leadership roles at camp and away from camp.
  • Define the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and identify the 5 national outcomes. Specifically, Counselors-in Training will be able to name some of the specific benefits Girl Scouting promises and how to lead activities for younger girls that offer “fun with purpose.”
  • Learn how younger girls develop physically and emotionally. Counselors-in-Training will come to understand how the needs, interests, and capabilities of younger girls can change. Counselors-in-Training will be intentional in helping young campers be leaders in their lives.
  • Have an increased ability to manage groups effectively. Counselors-in-Training will begin to think about how they can be leaders at camp as they prepare to lead groups of younger girls.
  • Identify leadership journeys are a key part of the GSLE, that a journey is a coordinated series of activities grouped around a theme, and that each journey is tied to Girl Scouts 5 national outcomes. Specifically, Counselors-in-Training will be able to facilitate journey activities with younger girls, using their creativity to customize for the camp setting.
  • Understand that not only are the activities they facilitate with girls important, but how they engage girls is also important to creating a high-quality GS experience. Specifically, Counselors-in-Training will be able to plan activities that contain at least one of the three girl processes (girl-led, learning-by doing, and cooperative learning).
  • Apply Safety Standards and Safety Activity Checkpoints to activities they facilitate with younger girls and know how to respond to emergency situations.
  • Perform and teach younger girls outdoor skills necessary for thriving in a camp setting.
  • Identify the culture and history of camp life. Specifically, Counselors-in-Training will begin to think about how "fun with purpose" impacts the camp life environment and ultimately its history and culture.
  • Employ all they have learned about themselves as leaders and younger campers so they may facilitate activities aimed at outcomes that provide fun with purpose.

Participants are: Rising Senior (S), Senior (S), Ambassador (A)

Participation level: Participants may attend as individuals only.


Date: Saturday, 3/23/19 - Sunday, 3/24/2019

Time: 10:00 am, Saturday - 12:00 pm, Sunday


Facility: Camp Sac

Location: Camp Sacajawea Program Center 2124 Fox Hill Road, Lynchburg VA 24503

Meeting Room: Troop House

Fee: $35.00

Participants are: Girls

Min/Max: 5/12


Registration Opens: 1/10/2019

Registration Closes: 3/13/2019


NOTE: Girls are to bring a (#2134) permission slip and (#2072) health history form.

Length of Course:  This is a weekend course and attendance for the entire weekend is required.
What to bring: Participants should bring pen and paper.  A complete packing list will be shared once registration closes. 


Participant Questions? Contact or call Customer Care at 540-777-5100

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$35.00 per Participant
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